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Chef Kim Sorrentino  A.A.S., B.A.S.

Before we begin our journey together, I thought you might like to learn a little about me.

I was born to cook. No, really. I mean, I couldn't cook when I was BORN, but wouldn't that have been ideal?! My paternal grandmother was from Sicily, and Italian cooking called my name. Big meals with lots of "famiglia" and gallons of Chianti flowing. Picking fresh figs from my Uncle Vito's hidden garden in New York City. The funniest and fondest story I have is when my Grandma would yell at the snails that stuck to the sides of the sauce pot to "jump in!". Then she would inevitably push them to their boiling doom below, to finally serve them up in marinara to my waiting grandpa. Those were my first memories and tastes and they still play a huge role in how I cook today.

After​ a crazy and wild upbringing on Long Island, N.Y., in the 60's and 70's, I settled down and signed up for the Navy in 1978. "Join the Navy!" they said, "It's an adventure!" they said.  I did not see the world, because women were not allowed to fill billets on ships, or enter into combat at the time. What I saw was the East Coast of North America. Not very adventurous to say the least. After thirteen years of what ended up being truly amazing experience on active duty, I landed here in Aurora, Colorado. Along the way, I managed to collect three amazing kids, a wonderful husband, and way too much junk, but no real job. So I tried on many hats: a senior telecommunications design engineer when DSL was in its infancy, a mortgage processor (no fun there), a nanny/house manager to some of the sweetest babies, children, and incredible parents on the planet, and sometimes, the chef hat, but just to help out friends and family. While contemplating my fate and future, I did manage to stay in the Navy Reserves and finally retired in 2007. Like many others, I began to watch those "cooking shows" and every time I did, I wanted to get to the stove or oven as fast as I possibly could. Well, as they say, the rest is history. I packed the knives and headed off to cooking school. After four intense, and thoroughly enjoyable years, I emerged covered in flour, grease, and lots of new skills, with an Associates of Applied Sciences in pastry, and a Bachelor's of Applied Sciences in Culinary and Restaurant Management. I did not do what most people long to do after graduation, and that was to put in an grueling eighty hour week at a restaurant that someone else owned. I decided to to start a catering company instead, and for more than a decade now, Tiny Planet Catering LLC has been a quiet, but rewarding part time job for me. Recently however, I've been called upon to bake more, and cook less.  As a result, Tiny Planet Catering now has a subsidy: Tiny Planet Cakes! I have always enjoyed the art of a pinch here, and a smidge there, much more than the exacting measurements, and science of baking. But here we are. 

In my "spare" time, I love to be with my children and my grandchildren, paint, work on crocheting and knitting, travel, and laugh often at my adorable Boston Terrier, Pearl. Oh, and cook!

Between my creative thought processes, expertise, and experience and your wildest ideas, we can make something very special to say the least. 

So let's get together, have a cup of Joe, and talk about your next event. Call or email me with ANY questions you might have. I look forward to working with you!

Mangia Bene!

Chef Kim 

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