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Avatar in lights!

Hi Everyone!

     So here is the story of my first attempt at adding electronics to a cake. What an adventure! This was the biggest design challenge I've faced so far. Baking cake is easy, adding wires and boxes containing deadly button batteries to child's cake, not so much.

     This cake was supposed to be a replica of a t-shirt design from a recent trip to Disney.  The shirt was kind of plain, not very exciting for a cake. Soooo, I decided to add lights, since the Avatar's are all glowing, and sparkly, and stuff. Great idea! Right? Nope. But I had submitted the idea to my client, and they loved it, so I was stuck with figuring out how to do it. Here's the secret...

     ...the cake is  three layers high, the top layer is hollowed out, that's where I stuffed everything except the battery pack, which is attached to the base board in the back. Voila! Sounds simple, of course. It took 2 days. Hahaha. Lesson learned. Do not submit an idea UNTIL you figure out how to do it!

Peace & Love,

Chef Kim

What is a PJ Mask?!

Hello Everyone!     

     So here I am, trying to figure out what a PJ Mask is. I guess I'm not as up to speed to on my cartoons as a should be. Something to pay attention to if I'm going to continue to make cakes for kids. PJ Masks are a crime fighting trio that always end up winning, usually with a moral reminder at the end. Who was I to know!

     Some of you are probably laughing at this, I did. Now I spend a certain amount of time on Cartoon Network, PBS Kids and the Disney Channel so I can keep up.

     This guy is the Gecco, he is accompanied by Owlette and Catboy, each with their own special powers.

     This cake was fun for many reasons, and I've noticed that super heros are becoming very popular among the toddler crowd lately. It's nice to know that the old comic book guys and gals are still alive, and that the new crime fighters are sending young people good messages on how to become kind and caring individuals.

     I'm excited that this cake opened my eyes to what our future generations might become!

Thanks again for listening!

Peace & Love

Chef Kim

Summer is for Hummingbirds!

Happy Summer!

     I LOVE summer! No more shoveling snow, boots and gloves, or holiday shopping. Bring on the shorts and flip-flops, I say!

     This cake has a two-fold Hummigbird message. And until I was designing this for a dear friend, I did not know that there is actually a recipe for a hummingbird cake. So, the recipe and the bird were a must have!

     Hummigbird cake is a decadent, rich delight filled with pecans, banana, and pineapple bits, and it's going to be added to my cake flavor list as soon as I'm done typing this. Everyone who loves those ingredients needs to give this a try!

      The shiny little inquisitive hummingbird was also edible, and in keeping with the cake flavors, the flowers were baked pineapple slices, in case you were wondering!

Have an awesome summer, the pool is calling.

Peace & Love

Chef K.

Viva Le France!

Bonjour tiny planet lovers!

     This week I had the joy of travelling to the French countryside. Well, not really. I got to make a Paris themed cake. To date, this is my favorite design of pink, black and white. To me, they represent everything girlie, and a little reminiscent of my Barbie doll days.

     I tried to include some very Parisian pastry elements such as croissant, brioche, and baguette. Since this was a pre-trip inspired birthday cake for a very excited little girl, I added edible pictures of Notre Dame and the Louvre. and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. The cake was Extreme Peach all the way and smelled so yummy.

     Even though I did not get to go Paris, this cake led me on a delicious journey locally to find fresh macarons. Now, some people are confused about these cookies, and call them macaroons. Not the case. Macaroons are a coconut cookie. Macarons (minus one "o"), are incredibly sweet, chewy, yet delicate cookies that are almost impossible to make perfectly. 

 A creamy flavored filling sandwiched between two amazing, almond-based meringues. To die for. And oh, so very, French.

     They were so good that I feel the need to share my source. If you are in the Denver/Littleton, Colorado area, try out Honey B's Macarons. Or, if not, they do ship. The Chef, Michelle Naherny is the wizard of these tempting morsels. Her creativity and passion for perfection shine through in every mouth-watering bite. I'll post the info in the next blog. 

     Until next time...

     ...no matter how far you travel, "you are here"


Peace & Love

Chef K.

Big Birthday Month!


     August sure knows how to say "HELLO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

So many wonderful people were born this month, including myself, ha,ha,ha! Five kids an  two adults, that's a lot of cake, but sooooo many parties and incredible fun for days. I finally got to do a "Darth Vader" and a "Baby Shark" cake , something I've been waiting for for a long time. I have another super crazy cake at the end of the month, but can't reveal the design yet, it's a big surprise!

     We recently went on an amazing trip to Washington State where we will be moving to next August (2020). We've been here in Colorado for 35 years, and it's time for a new chapter. But no worries, tinyplanet cakes will be going too. I'm in the process of figuring out how to safely ship these beauties out to everyone, so be prepared! I'll keep all of you posted.

    Well, that's it for now. We'll talk soon. I hope all you August babies out there are enjoying your summer!

Peace & Love

Chef K.

Our First Blog!

Hello tiny planet cake-a-holics! 

     And welcome to my blog page! So I finally got the web page done, but bear with me, because it's still a work in progress. I think it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. I still need to add quite a few pictures to the gallery so you can see some of the fun cakes I have done, and possibly get a sense of what you might like me to do for you.

    I just finished up a birthday cake a few days ago. It was a "rush" and a big one! A cake that normally takes 4-7 days was accomplished in 24-hours. No sleep for the Chef that night, but the smile on that 7-year old's face made it so worthwhile! I even added his favorite cookies in the middle.  Look for the "Gruffalo" in the gallery. 

     Well, since it's July 1, let the fireworks begin. I'll be spending the holiday with my kids and grandkids. I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Peace & Love

Chef K.