Tiny Planet Cakes

"tantalizing morsels of unearthly delights"


All prices listed here are for basic cakes.

 They include: 

Butter cake layers and plain buttercream frosting.

Cupcakes are standard size with plain paper wrappers and topped with plain buttercream.

Cheesecakes are vanilla with graham cracker crust.

Any items such as fillings, flavorings, toppings, and decorative pieces will be considered "custom additions" and will be added to the price according to the choices made. 

A final price will be given when all designs have been approved by both the Chef and the Client.


8-inch round or square

$25.00 per layer

10-inch round or square

$30.00 per layer

12-inch round or square

$35.00 per layer

Full sheet  


1/2 sheet


1/4 sheet 


Custom sizes and shapes

*see custom additions list

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Standard sized cupcakes

$2.50 each

"Mini" tiered cakes

$4.00 each

Cupcake Cakes

$2.50 x amount of cupcakes needed for design

Designer wrappers

$.50 - $1.50 each

Cupcake display/stand

$10.00 - $100.00 depending on style.

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Smash Cakes

6-inch round or square

$20.00 per layer

4-inch round or square

$15.00 per layer

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8 x 3-inch cheesecake


8 x 4-inch cheesecake


10 x 3-inch cheesecake


10 x 4-inch cheesecake


"Mini" Cheesecakes

$4.00 each

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Welcome to Italy!

Our Tiramisu is a layered with espresso/Kahlua infused Italian lady fingers, sweet mascapone creme, and topped with chocolate shavings and cocoa powder. This is the "real" thing!

​9' x 9' pan


Individual (cupcake size)

$4.50 each



Strawberries can be customized for any occasion and can be dipped in chocolate, white chocolate, or colored candy melts. We also offer toppings such as sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips, crushed cookies, or any other edible item that will stick to the dip coating.  Berries can be double or triple dipped as well.

*Please note that extra large strawberries are only in season during the spring months, and are not available throughout the year. Please inquire for availability before ordering.



$12.00 per dozen


$18.00 per dozen


$24.00 per dozen


Add $0.25 per strawberry

Extra large


Add $0.50 per strawberry


Tiny Planet Cobblers are loaded with the fruit of your choice. Available fruits are: Apple, blueberry, blackberry, peach, strawberry-rhubarb, mango, apricot, plum, and any combination of all of the above. Fruits are nestled in a thick syrup with cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg and topped with a buttery, cinnamon, and brown sugar crumble. 

Cobblers are delivered unbaked for you to bake at home so that you can have the ultimate experience of a warm, delicious cobbler.

9" x 9" pan


9" x 13"


Individual (3")

$3.50 each

New York Crumb

Coffee Cake

Straight from the East Coast! This coffee cake is like no other with a dense, butter coffee cake base, topped with huge chunks of soft cinnamon crumble and an ample amount of powdered suga for that mouth-watering taste. This coffee cake can be warmed as well.  A perfect morning treat when paired with a big cup of Joe!

9" round or square


10" round or square


Individual (muffin sized)

$3.50 each

The Legal Stuff

(sorry, it's a must!)

  • A 50% down payment will be due prior to construction of the cake, and 50% due upon time of delivery or pickup.
  • Any damages incurred after delivery or pickup will be the sole responsibility of the Client and no refunds or replacements will be provided.
  • If for any reason, the cake is irreparably damaged or destroyed during transit to the Client (it can happen, but never has!), every attempt will be made to repair, or purchase a quick replacement for you, and a 50% refund will be made.
  • All Clients will be required to sign a waiver stating that:

              "The Chef, nor the companies: Tiny Planet Cakes or Tiny Planet Catering LLC will not be responsible, and will not  be held liable for any bodily injuries incurred due to choking, broken teeth, allergic reactions, or any unforeseeable injury as a result of consuming our products."