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The Legal Stuff

(sorry, it's a must!)

1.     A 50% down payment will be due prior to construction of the cake, and 50% due upon time of delivery or pickup.

2.     Any damages incurred AFTER delivery or pickup will be the sole responsibility of the Client, and no refunds or replacements will be            provided.

3.     If for any reason, the cake is damaged or destroyed during transit to the Client (it can happen, but never has!), every                                    attempt will be made to repair, or purchase a quick replacement for you, and a 50% refund will be made since only 50% will have              been collected prior to delivery OR a 50% voucher will be issued on the purchase of a future order of equal or lesser value. This will            be the Client's choice.

4.     Safety is our main concern. All orders are discussed in advance as to instructions for removal of non-edible items, allergies and any          other foreseeable hazards that might be incurred. Our products are baked under the highest standards of cleanliness, freshness,              and sanitary procedures.

        All Clients will be required to sign a waiver stating that:

        "The Chef, Employees of the companies, nor the companies themselves: Tiny Planet Cakes or Tiny Planet Catering LLC will NOT be            held responsible, and will NOT be held liable in any court of law for any bodily injuries incurred due to choking, broken teeth, allergic          reactions, or any unforeseeable injury as a result of consuming our products."